Natural light can transform a space and make it more enjoyable and uplifting to be in.  Increasing natural light is probably one of the most asked for things from my clients.  I use an app called ‘Sunseeker’ to determine the position of the sun around your house at any given time of day.  This then influences where I position windows, doors, and rooflights to increase natural daylighting into your new extension.

Adding an extension can make areas of the existing house darker so I try and consider how to increase natural lighting to these areas.

Glazed Doors:
Glazed doors can be an easy win in increasing natural light into your extension.  You have to be careful to choose high-performance frames and glazing to reduce heat loss and provide thermal comfort.


Adding rooflights within your new extension can add natural daylighting deeper into your house where external windows and doors may struggle.  The return of investment on these additions is very high and will provide value forever more.

For more of an orangery feel, a skylight can be added to a flat roof.  This has an added advantage of increasing the floor to ceiling height internally below the skylight, increasing the sense of space. 


Where adding a rooflight or skylight is not possible, adding sun-tunnels is a relatively cheap solution to bring natural lighting into existing areas. You can add a sun tunnel light tube anywhere there is 6m or less between your roof and ceiling.