Why do client’s rely on me to design their extensions and to remodel their family homes?

Increase your chances of receiving planning approval
Over 16 years of experience dealing with local council planning departments for successful extension approvals

Obtain the optimum layout to increase you and your family’s enjoyment
I am a huge believer in maximises light, space and views (both internally and externally)

Creating the inside outside feeling and open up your home to your garden
Using modern or traditional doors, having a flush floor from inside to out can make a huge difference to the enjoyment of your space.  Remodelling your home to increase family interaction and happiness is an important design feature

Using traditional and elegantly timeless details
Traditional detailing never grows old and is timeless.  It adds a touch of understated class

Simple and straightforward design process
I work collaboratively with you to design your perfect extension and remodel

Designed to be accurately priced by builders with less design changes on-site
Setting out information clearly to communicate your design to reduce your risk